Thursday, May 2, 2019

Discussion12 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Discussion12 - Assignment Exampleembassies as well as the 9/11 attacks in the U.S. spetroleum. U.S. counterterrorism efforts have led to $1 trillion being spent in unending wars. Also, overreliance on oil has led to global warming as a result of emission of green house gases from the destroy of gasoline.2. The idea of America keeping up with the war against communism crumbnot be ruled out in totality. Instead, I hold the opinion that America should oppose communists regimes that deny citizens their basic rights. It is spare that Democracy stands out as the best system of governance as it takes a way military group from few individuals and gives it to the people. It is very dangerous to entrust power to just few persons as their selfish interests can drive them into put on the lineing the lives of an entire nation. For example, North Korea is a communist state whose leader, Kim Jong-un, is putting the lives of the nation at risk by manufacturing nuclear weapons. Similarly, Hong K ong has recently been protesting against poor leadership in Beijing. Unfortunately, the citizens are denied the power to choose their favored leader as communist regimes do not provide for that. Therefore, I think United States should anticipate promoting democracy across the world by setting a good example of how democracy gives the citizens power. In situations where there is extreme violations of human rights in communist state, America as the leader of the world should step in by setting up with the right systems of government that can protect the citizens.3. The idea of immigration into the U.S. is car park because of the many opportunities that the state offers. In fact, before I came to America I always had that it is a country of great opportunities. I have come to realize that many people migrate into the U.S. year in search of better jobs, better education, and better life. However, life as an illegal immigrant is not easy as every day you are under constant watch of security officers.

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