Thursday, August 29, 2019

International Financial Manager Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

International Financial Manager - Essay Example Although IFMs are not really expert bankers however they could work in different roles across all of the business and support functions of the HSBC Group such as the Commercial Banking, Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Insurance, Global Private Banking, Risk Management, Global Banking and Markets, Audit and Operations. The International Financial Manager should be flexible since the financial assignments and projects are driven according to the business requirements. An IFM could be a fresh MBA or a management or finance professional seeking to take a next step in his or her career. As an IFM at HSBC, one should be able to: †¢Ã‚  Demonstrate leadership qualities.†¢Ã‚  Commit to the ongoing global mobility across the career path.†¢Ã‚  Develop a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities related to the changing roles at regular intervals.†¢Ã‚  Make an immediate impact irrespective of the current level or status of the job.HSBC provides a highly com petitive remuneration package and benefits to its International Financial Managers that include: †¢Ã‚  The International Financial Managers at HSBC strive to encourage the potential business community all over the world to invest in their financial services and products.   In doing so, they need to show to the investors that the bank possesses adequate value of Owner’s Equity and retained earnings for funding in its future progress and that HSBC has been able to maintain its liabilitie. They should also focus on operation efficiency since it is the key factor.

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