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Rem Koolhass Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Rem Koolhass - Essay Example He orchestrated many works of brilliance in many cities the world over and his artistry has earned him many prestigious individual accolades from reputable institutions among them Summary: Why Is Koolhaas the World’s Most Controversial Architect? According to Nicolai Ourousoff, the Smithsonian Magazine, and September issue 2012. Rem Koolhaas is widely respected and critiqued in equal measures. It is noted that he has been this controversial ever since his studentship in the 70s in London. He is unlike the other architects who are ready to compromise their work ethics for economic gains. He is described as being highly provocative and ill-behaved professionally. He has won several architectural competitions with the most recent one being in China. He was commissioned to undertake the building of the Headquarters of China Central Television. This works has been a source of scathing attacks from pro-western institutions and powers who insinuated that he was helping in the expansi on of a Dictatorial regime in China. However, other sources described the building as a masterpiece. This is just an example of the mixed reactions his works have elicited. He has taken part in many competitions even though he won some; he has also lost quite a number. For instance, his proposal to spearhead the transformation of the Museum of modern Art into a ministry of self-proclamation known as MoMA Inc. was badly rejected. Even though he has been under pressure from various sources, he has been able to nurture several great modern day architects such as DjarkeIngels of Copenhagen based BIG, and Winy Maas of MVRDV firm in the Netherlands. His books are also widely used by many architectural students all over the world who always try to emulate him. He is quite unpredictable unlike most of his peers and other magnificent architects of his reputation such as FranskGehry and ZahaHadid, who maintained their focus over long careers. Apart from architecture, he is also a great theore tician of the industry and has written quite a number of books concerning different architectural ideologies on major urban cities. In one of his demonstrations in Venice, he was against the out brushing historic buildings that represented more uncomfortable chapters in our past. He further wonders why people incredibly fear change rather than embracing it. His company has since expanded to other cities outside its Headquarters such as Hong Kong and New York. It has employed some 325 employees all architects. However, he has a personal preference for Rotterdam due to its isolation and location as a port city. Even though he is highly reputed, he still takes part in competitions. He concurs that this that this allows for creative liberty due to the changing ideas and preference of the client. However, in this process a lot of risk is involved. A lot of resource is wasted in projects that will never take off. One of his first tests of his urban theories manifested itself in the form o f the Euralille development on the outskirts of the French city of Lille in the mid-1990s. It was to include a shopping mall, conference and exhibition center and office towers in the midst of train tracks and freeways. His work was to be complimented by other well-known architects who helped in designing the various buildings. Koolhaas personally designed

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