Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Reserach paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Reserach paper - Essay Example President Bush takes over leadership from bill Clinton. Economic wise, taxation is the major player in the field. Principles related to the handling and imposing of tax vary between the two presidents. This is exhibited when the change in taxation is implemented by Bush. He introduces lower taxation rates contrary to the bill that had higher taxation system. America prepares to make control over the world as they aspire to be the best in war technology. The establishment of research in the sector of biological toxins as weapons targeting specific people is established. The control of these toxins is also put in check in order to avoid attacks from within. This is father enhanced by restricting the ownership of some transport vessels. These are done through fast legislations. This document relies on research findings and analysis of the changes during 2000-2001 in the US. There are changes that were realised during this period. Among which, the legislations that were directed towards ensuring safety of the Americans after the attack in Yemen. These included restrictions and developments in research sectors. Some changes involved the attack on the terror groups. This was targeted at eliminating the Taliban and al-Qaeda who were the arch enemies of the states. This was the time when elections held, and to some extent, it disputed within states. Bush emerged the winner as Clinton left office. The economy is said to have had a surplus budget then. This was due to the high taxation rate that was imposed by bills administration. Bush, however, lowered the rates after taking over the office. In this same period, the genetic code was cracked. This gave a lime light to a discovery of drugs to treat ailments related to genetic composition of the humans. The other changes that were realised in this period were the development of legislation that restricted ownership of defined commodities. This was as a result of an attack on the naval ship. Measures were

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