Friday, November 1, 2019

Leadership in the Globalised Firms Research Paper

Leadership in the Globalised Firms - Research Paper Example The research paper "Leadership in the Globalised Firms" discusses different types of internal and external challenges of the globalized firms. These threats are reducing the potentials of growth and sustainability in the international market. Leadership is one of the key traits of the managers and administrative level of the firms.There are different types of leadership ethics like the golden rule, stakeholder approach to ethics and four-way test. Being the global leader, I use stakeholders approach in order to maintain a balance between the welfare of both senior management and subordinates. In this scenario, I have to follow the order of senior management as well as I have to answer the query of the employees. I cannot inform the employees regarding the reduction in pending staffing by 10%, as it will harm the motivational level of staff or team members. I will try to react against rumors in a positive manner. In the staff meeting, it is one of the most crucial ethical issues. I wi ll inspire my staff to provide their best contribution and fight to sustain in the firm. It will be a healthy competition, which will enhance the overall performance of the firm. This ethical strategy will help me to maintain my responsibility from both ends. Global leaders are adopting a different type of approaches to managing diversity among their followers and subordinates. The global organizations are facing an intense challenge in terms of maintaining cross cultural diversity and socio economic differentiation among the people.

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